Fernando's Past is a story that tells the past of Fernando (Known as 401 in the F of the A). It has finished, with a total of 6 chapters. The whole story can be found in these two links: Chapters 1-4 Chapters-5-6


The King takes place around the year 2014. It begins with Fernando, a relatively simple boy, who over a short period of time goes under extrmel changes, eventually evolving into a psychopath. Throughout the story, he begins to write brutal and gruesome fights about dinosaurs. He often spend hours and hours on his computer, creating what appears to be simulations of Dinosaur battles. He even elts oen of hsi old friends die in front of him, even laughing at his dying friend.


Fernando- Main charcter, as described above

Ryan- The step-borther of Fernando. He fought a lot with Fernando, but they still loved each other. Ryan even read Fernando's Diary, and he was the one who discovered the darkest secrets from Fernand. At the end of CHapter 6, Fernando has a knife against Ryan's throat, and it is unknown whether or not Ryan lives.

Jay- One of the members of the Dinosaurs Club (DC), he often lieks to joke and listen to heavy metal music. He is known for always winning writing contests int he DC for DInosaur fights.

Paden- One of the members of the DC, he is known for his excellent writing talents.

James- One of the members of the DC, he is also the kindest one. he was also the one who decided to get a plan to help get rid of Fernando.

Adam- One of the members of the DC, he is the one that also debates on what to do with Fernando

Taylor- One of the members of the DC, he is also known for winning the Dinosaur Writing Contests. He is one of the first ones to notice the abnormal changes in Fernando. He is also fascinated with Tyrannosaurs.

Wyatt- One of the members of the DC, he is also known for winning the DInosaur Writing Contests. he is most famous for writing fights.

Jesus- One fo the members of the DC, he dies in a attack form a wild German Sheperd, but he could have been saved by Fernando, but instead Fernando laughe dat his death and even told the police that he had tried to save Jesus. He was never aware of Fernando being a true Pshycopath.

Ethan- He is too one of the members of the DC. He is too fascinated with Tyrannosaurs.

Maurizio- He si one fo the members of the DC, he too is one of the ones to notice the early chanegs in Fernando's behavior.