The banner for the Fight of The Ages.

First Series is the first installment of The Fight of the Ages. It had 8 competitiors, containing Captain 2K, Major General 9097, Storm, Scarface, Rexy, Captain Paden K., Bright Eyes, and Ozzy. It also consisted a total of 7 chapters, not including the prologue.


First's series' exact location is still unknown. It takes place in a giant forest, which is all we know for sure.


The Deaths happen in the order of Captain 2K, Bright Eyes, Ozzy, MG 9097, Storm (Not death, forfeitification), Scarface, and then Rexy. Captain Paden K. was, however, killed by the game master, Fernando, also known as "401."


1st Place- Paden

2cnd- Rexy

3rd- Scarface

4th- MG9097

5th- Ozzy

6th- Bright Eyes

7th- Captain 2K

8th- Storm (Disqualified)