Fernando Diaz was born November 29th, 1999. He is also know as Kevin, 401, and Raptor-401. He is presumed to be the antagonist of the series.


Fernando was born in an oprhanage November 1999, and he was adopted by a couple to accompany their son, Ryan, due to their infertility. He is known to have become a huge pshycopath at the age of 14.


Fernando functions as the manipulative gamemaster for the Fight of the Ages game. It is unknown what he does or uses to create each F of the A, and it is also unknown what exactly 401 even does with the F of A games.


All we know of where Fernando lives is that he lives in a strange room where only him and the F of A champions have access too. In this room he battles winners to the death.

To this day, he has managed to defeat every champion.