Captain Paden K. was the victor of First Series, after killing Rexy in the final moments of the Fight. He then faced Fernando, otherwise known as 401, but died when he had to literally fight himself.


Paden was a smart intelligent young man, having great knowledge of dinosaurs, military training, and great concentration. He is also very patient, and with his patience he was able to acheve 1st place. He carries an arsenal of weapons on him.

Victory and DeathEdit

Paden won after shooting down Rexy, due to waiting patiently behind the gate that surrounded the fight between Rexy and Scarface. After Rexy claimed victory, Paden allowed a minute for Rexy to take pride in his victory, before shooting him down.

After claiming victory, he met up with the creator of the F of the A, and faced him. He ended up facing each contender face-and-face. He conquered each enemy, but strangely enough when he faced a copy of himself, he failed and died. Fernando then walked out, unsurprised that Paden lost trying to defeat himself.