Eric Kent, a.k.a Captain 2K, is a samurai with extremely tough armor, and powerful weapons. He was a contender in the Fight of the Ages, Series 1.

Fight of the AgesEdit

Captain 2K has so far attended in The Fight of the Ages: First Series. He won 7th place. It is unknown whether he will be in Riders.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Armor: Designed to look like a samurai's armor, but much stronger and tougher. It's only weaknesses are a 300 degree Fahrenheit melting point and that the armpit has no armor to protect it, making it vulnerable.

Swords: Similar to Katanas, but modified to be stronger and deadlier. Captain 2K has two, one for each hand.

Throwing Knives: Captain 2K's throwing knives can deploy from his armor at the wrist. They start as one knife, similar to a small sword, but with a flick of the wrist they became twelve, six on each arm. The throwing knives can be brought back to the suit and used again. If Captain 2K ever losses his swords, these can be used as close-combat weapons, as shown here.


Captain 2K also happens to ride a Gigantosaurus, named Scorn, however, this was removed when he was entered into The Fight of the Ages: First Series.


Captain 2K died while fighting Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes used a contraption that shoot a dart into his exposed armpit essentially killing him, but it didn't kill him immediately. Before Captain 2K died, he threw six throwing knives into Bright Eyes. His last words were, "Never underestimate the enemy."